National is good for business and thats a bad thing right now.

I know, I know, catchy click bait title but let me explain. I'm a business owner, yes it's a proper serious business with nothing to do with stand up comedy, and National is great for business! They should be because thats their thing. However, after so many years in power and without strong opposition from any other party the balance is being lost.

We have too many people heading into poverty and into jail, this is not good for the economy or business as jailing someone is expensive and crime prevention is a big business cost. Poverty means lower wages but it also means less spending money for the household. So raise the minimum wage significantly, the experts have said it's a great idea but the Government disagreed. Some businesses fear this as change is scary, but if you are good at business you'll know change is always around the corner so you have to prepared for it. It will sink some businesses but I believe it will make even more businesses grow and more families will be able to feed their kids and have time to spend with them. This will help the kids grow, learn, and not be criminals. Trust me, I've seen it.

Kelvin Davis has also seen it, between him a Jacinda I think they can bring the balance we need if the other Labour Party members stand behind them and stop the bullshit squabbling they are known for.

The Greens are also very important to me as we must save the planet by cutting carbon otherwise everything else means nothing. However the Greens lack the right leadership and personally I'm not keen to put them in charge of a business like NZ just yet. To me they are still the rebellious fight the power party that highlight important issues that we should all care more about, thats their role and I think they do it well. Put in a coalition and give them some power, but for god sake do not put them in charge of the whole country.

So yeah National is good for business like chocolate is good for energy, but too much of good thing will give you heart disease and NZ I think our heart is failing.

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