How big is the universe?

How big is the universe? Had a couple of beers and came up with theory on the size of the universe and time....

So the more we look out at the universe the further it goes, and the more we look into the universe, into each atom and quark, the further it goes. The universe can’t just stop and have an edge and a quark must be made of something smaller and that must also be made up of something smaller. Therefore it is impossible for the universe to begin or end, it must get infinitely bigger and smaller at both ends.

The many worlds theory suggests that all possibilities exist in parallel universes, these possibilities from large to small scale are also infinite so the number of parallel universes must also be infinite.

My wife has just pointed out that time must also be infinite as it can’t have a beginning or end.

Up, down, in, out, sideways, forwards, and backwards the size of the universe is infinite all directions.

Not sure if anyone else has come up with this conclusion, so I shall call it "Fig’s Theory of Infinity and Beyond."

So I'm not a scientist and I'm keen as to get comment on why this could be right or wrong from those who study these things. Anyone got Neil deGrasse Tyson's number?

#universe #stephenhawking #manyworldstheory #Figstheoryofinfinityandbeyond #quark #quantumphysicsquantumtheory #NeildeGrasseTyson

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