A lot of Kiwi companies are still training their sales people the wrong way. Usually the American way which comes from a place where there are unlimited people to call and harass until you eventually get enough sales to hit a made up target. Make it stop!


I’ve worked in sales most of life and have 

always been good at it. I learnt all the dirty tricks but had my biggest results when I decided to stop using them. Sales success in today’s world is about getting your product in front of the people who need it and then helping them utilize it effectively. This helps them grow their business and ideally use more of your product. It also makes you and your product an invaluable part of their business.


I got so good at it I started my own company and still enjoy doing all the sales work myself www.swiftaccess.co.nz. It’s worked out so well I’ve recently started a second company www.ironhawk.co.nz


As business owner I now get harassed by sales people on a daily basis, which I guess is karma for my rookie sales years. I would love to come to your business as a consultant or speaker in an effort to reduce the number of “shotgun” sales reps on the road in NZ.


Sales dude