Should we stop mocking Trump now?

The more the US Presidential circus goes on, the more I am starting to worry that we are mocking someone with mental health issues, how ironic? Captain tiny hands is constantly being exposed in the media and we can now see all his flamboyant orange flaws.

But to me this is not a just few hundred kinks in badly fitting the armor, this is more like a kid who spent the whole weekend building a suit of cardboard armor so he can play with the big kids. He showed up on the field of battle and now everyone is laughing at him. We all know how this feels and how psychologically damaging it is, the rage boils up and you just want to shoot lasers out of your eyes and burn giant holes in everyone. I believe this is what Trump is experiencing right now and no he can't shoot orange lasers from his eyes, but he can NUKE THE WORLD.

So lets stop laughing at him, I'll apologise now for the jokes I have made and the ones I will make in the future (I'm a comedian, it's my job). We should instead focus on the Americans who voted for Trump based on his disgusting ideas and attitudes towards other humans. The Hillary option was just as ugly in my opinion and I feel that Trump did to her what she did to Bernie, so I appreciate that America didn't have much in the way of choice. But the people who voted for Tump based on the repulsive ideas that take away basic human rights and will plunge America back into the 1900s, those are people we should mock and voice our disgust too. Trump is just a child, a child with an AK47 in a room full people who are laughing in his face. Get ready to duck.

Bernie please save America, they make awesome TV shows.

#Trump #nuke

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